Croatia – Nigeria World Cup 2018 Tip, Bets & Odds

Behind the highly favoured Argentinians in Group D, the teams from Croatia and Nigeria also have a good chance of reaching the round of sixteen. In Russia, the chequered flag in particular has a lot of catching up to do: the national team, once again blessed with great individualists, has never made it past the world championship preliminary round in the last two decades.

Meanwhile, the Super Eagles, who were coached by the Mannheim native, even dream of becoming the first African representative ever to reach the semi-finals of a World Cup finals. However, the great ambitions of his team will probably not even survive the first matchday of the preliminary round. In the fight for the promotion spots, the first loser should already be as good as out of the running. More details on

Did the Super Eagles fast for their World Cup form?

The fact that on Saturday evening (21:00 o’clock) in Kaliningrad a felt final will take place does not threaten to develop into an advantage, especially for the three-time African champion.

If the Super Eagles are only allowed outsider chances by the betting providers against Croatia anyway, many players are currently feeling the consequences of Ramadan.

Even though the Muslim Lent Monday came to an end just in time for the start of the World Championships, coach Gernot Rohr is still preparing for noticeable aftermath at the weekend:

“It won’t be easy to put that away for the first game. The loss of energy is difficult to compensate within such a short time. We’ll probably drag that into the first game.”

The most recent appearances had already made it clear that the 64-year-old’s fears were by no means at odds with him; especially in recent weeks, the Nigerians’ preparations for the tournament have lost a lot of momentum. Find more bonus offers here.

While top teams such as Argentina (4:2) and Poland (1:0) were defeated at the turn of the year, they had only suffered setbacks shortly before leaving for Russia. Our tip is NairaBet.


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Skill level

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